With our Automated phone and message software Send notifications directly from your CRM or Booking platform ( appointment reminders, rescheduling, Booking confirmation… )

Why using Text and Voice Appointment Reminders ?

Reduce significantly no shows and last-minute appointment cancelation

By making your clients confirm their appointment in your text message or voice call they tend to show up more.

Reschedule quickly a new appointment with our waiting list management tool Small or big Businesses using appointment reminders software increased their turnover by an average of 30% .

Improve your staff efficiency as it can spend more time doing important tasks or spending extra time with customers.

Personalize your messages. Make your clients feel special by sending them a birthday message, exclusive discounts …

Become Marketing proactive by creating a customer journey with products notifications, greetings and past client reengagement. You will see your sales increase significantly.

Save time by scheduling your reminder messages anywhere and anytime you want. You can automate Calls or Text Messages at different times of a day, whatever days of the week according to your customers preferences.


  • Text SMS message appointment reminders with dynamic fields like date, time, name and customizable message .

  • Email appointment reminders also available — with dynamic fields like date, time, name, and customizable pictures, office details, website and referral links, social media .

  • Multiple scripts, because you don’t address all customers the same way

  • Phone call appointment reminders recorded by your staff or a professional recording studio generated automatically to the date and time you scheduled .

  • Intuitive interface, easy integration with existing systems


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