Text Marketing

Engage your new leads and existing customers
( US & CANADA only )

      Stay in touch with your customers, connect with new prospects by sending, receiving and monitoring Voice and Text messages through E-Dial our secure web API.

     In just minutes you will be able to create and combine Intelligent and programmable Voice & Sms automated campaigns to increase your efficiency.


Why using Text Messaging ?

- It’s a Direct and Immediate way to communicate with your audience

      Nowadays, no one gets out of home without mobile phone so you can reach your clients even when they are on the go.

- You can reach a lot of customers or new prospects at the same time

It’s Effective, 92% of the text messages are read in less than 5 min and convert 9 times better than online display ads.

- Send notifications, reminders or discounts to your Customers in minutes

Don’t forget that you need permission (Opt In) from your customers to send them text messages!

- Texting is the favorite method of connecting with businesses for millenials

It’s a great way to personalize your campaigns: you make each client feel special by sending a message with his/her first name

You can track who is interested in your products, by introducing a link in your message, we’ll make it unique for each client so you can measure the impact of your message on each customer.

It’s a simple and effective way to dispatch work or inform your team in real time, you only have to settle it through your management system alert.

How it works ...

      Sign up, we provide you the short code you can add in your websites, store etc.

From our easy to use platform:

  1. Upload your list of customer you want to reach in your campaign (recipient) or use one of your pre existing lists

  2. Enter your promotion message

  3. Insert the date and time you want to send your campaign (real time or pre-scheduled)

  4. Watch the results in real Time


Advanced Features ...